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america peaked in 1989    12/16/17  (4)
xo VERGE up almost 200%    12/16/17  (5)
So every public person or company has to pretend to care about shitlib ideals    12/16/17  (4)
Bitcoin back about 500. I would sell now this shit is volatile    12/16/17  (2)
Just bought 1 BTC worth of XVG    12/16/17  (21)
*rach unveiling BORTcoin*    12/16/17  (9)
Mexicans are 180 and don't hate whitey    12/16/17  (1)
I watched GIRLS to laugh at the people my age    12/16/17  (1)
MAGA: Rumors that XFL may return!!    12/16/17  (7)
Your grandma making your grandpa a christmas sweater, serving him cocoa    12/16/17  (27)
Dec 15th: Star Wars sucks, Eminem sucks    12/16/17  (3)
"If yew hear 'optics', and ain't THINKIN about yer SCOPE, yew might be an MBA."    12/16/17  (118)
It's cheaper to fly to JAPAN + have MRI done than get one in the US    12/16/17  (4)
why shouldnt i buy 20k worth of cardano @ $0.13 and forget it?    12/16/17  (56)
US culture is stifling. Have to worry about stepping on so many toes    12/16/17  (2)
Farting so loud 8 black Tahoes suddenly pull into ur driveway    12/16/17  (16)
RATE the economics of the new house i bought    12/16/17  (1)
ATTN: sell BTC now. don't be stupid    12/16/17  (2)
Lasko    12/16/17  (5)
Yale WGWAG on the Amazing Race    12/16/17  (28)
If you want to be RICH: Infinitecoin @ $0.000184, Verge @ $0.001309 not flame    12/16/17  (43)
Cuckifornian paying outlandish taxes: "no worries"    12/16/17  (15)
Holdup turning off his xoxo soundboard / digital mixer kit for night    12/16/17  (3)
*lawman8 haters getting hater group numbers tattooed on wrists Auschwitz-style*    12/16/17  (14)
Mom put new husband ahead of me as beneficiary    12/16/17  (63)
charlie brown youre 180 <3    12/16/17  (15)
Remember that Brad Pitt movie, Fight Club?    12/16/17  (1)
Thanks Chandler for the XLM tip :D    12/16/17  (8)
Wish me luck tonight holdupholdup    12/16/17  (2)
Remember that Michael Douglas movie The Game?    12/16/17  (10)
POLL: at what age did you peak in terms of looks?    12/16/17  (41)
Okay, how much is Bitcoin really worth? Can't be $2T for the lot    12/16/17  (6)
Predict the Bitcoin Bottom after the bubble bursts.    12/16/17  (3)
MPA dodging shit reviews like Neo in the Matrix    12/16/17  (2)
Is BTC mining now profitable?    12/16/17  (1)
Filecoin / IPFS will put Netflix, Comcast, DirecTV, Disney, etc out of business    12/16/17  (4)
SELL BITCOIN $19,300 SELL SELL SELL    12/16/17  (5)
Do you know anyone who becomes a completely different person when drunk?    12/16/17  (17)
LJL at "support" for shitcoins    12/16/17  (32)
*attempts to reason with unhinged pumo*    12/16/17  (1)
You can tell Ajit Pai really fucking hates libs. Nigga knows whats up    12/16/17  (12)
Pope Francis sympathizes with Donald Trump, decries fake news.    12/16/17  (8)
turned down bitcoin in 2011; taking abuse ITT    12/16/17  (3)
are u a chill dude?    12/16/17  (5)
ATTN: sell cardano now. don't be stupid    12/16/17  (18)
Grandpa confirmed I am 50% beneficiary of his will, taking ?s    12/16/17  (23)
lawman8 aren't haters annoying? who again are your biggest haters and fans?    12/16/17  (10)
Crazy pills for president    12/16/17  (2)
Apparently Law School Enrollment is up because of renewed interest    12/16/17  (15)
One of the stable of alts finally revealed!    12/16/17  (58)
how do you cap Bitcoin? How do you say ONLY 30K?    12/16/17  (1)
What's with this Chinese personal rating system?    12/16/17  (8)
New York Nullo paying outlandish taxes: "only in New York!"    12/16/17  (2)
Illinois Invalid paying outlandish taxes: "cook cty Dems will use this well!"    12/16/17  (2)
"Yes honey it's a law board" he said, Horse Cum Blast and NiggerFaggot on screen    12/16/17  (61)
Lawman8 I respect how you're dealing with your haters. But play it cool. (WMTP)    12/16/17  (107)
"you just might be a goyim"    12/16/17  (50)
"Honey why are u searching 'giant nigger cocks'?" "You see it's a law board and    12/16/17  (6)
Reality check: grandpa did not fight Nazis    12/16/17  (16)
People who are very vocal about politics at work, or at bar/socially    12/16/17  (1)
BTC just mooned, looks like LTC and ETH are entering final countdown to MOON    12/16/17  (3)
Big studs will spray again in Margaritaville    12/16/17  (47)
How did a bunch of dumb hick Trumpmos get tricked into voting for a democrat?    12/16/17  (2)
st 25 cents but that was what 3 years ago? makes no sents that it would be 75 ce    12/16/17  (1)
ew tie. but the problem is i liked the old one but i got marinara sauce all over    12/16/17  (1)
LOL @ this Selena Gomez outfit    12/16/17  (14)
Isn't it illegal to encourage blacks to vote?    12/16/17  (1)
hey i was on your computer and on google it autofilled some stuff about guns are    12/16/17  (2)
i dont know she said there would be chicken in the freezer but i looked and ther    12/16/17  (1)
lmao AJIT PAI is 180, exemplifies the "useful idiot" corporate TURDSKIN 100%    12/16/17  (30)
omarosa running her thick nigger lips over the ridge of your dickhead, clucking    12/16/17  (7)
massage therapist told me my hair is thick and full in the back    12/16/17  (1)
did xo discuss that blade runner sex scene    12/16/17  (25)
Ajit Pai in a snuggy, slapping reddit around like an unruly doritodad    12/16/17  (10)
It's really sad to see other whites attack "low IQ" and "redneck" white people    12/16/17  (3)
and well thats why i like where i am sure i could have worked harder but im a sm    12/16/17  (1)
ITT: I rate you as a town in ARE country    12/16/17  (24)
Ajit Pai is a cum guzzling queer faggot cuck devil and a sociopath    12/16/17  (6)
I'm running "Megaposter Madness" this year, not that "my dog" fag    12/16/17  (39)
well you see thats the thing and if you see see thats where it makes sense becau    12/16/17  (1)
shes like really easy to talk to dude she listens to arcade fire and has good ha    12/16/17  (1)
everyone posting geeky shit about "MPM" is a yuge queer    12/16/17  (44)
c    12/16/17  (1)
a    12/16/17  (1)
Why did the Rebels call themselves the Resistance after they won    12/16/17  (1)
Watched Fire Walk With Me last night, seriously underrated movie    12/16/17  (15)
r    12/16/17  (1)
p    12/16/17  (1)
legit amazed at the level of lib unhingedness daily    12/16/17  (4)
TRUMP becomes POTUS on TUESDAY but you have to like TT's ANUS for 20 minutes    12/16/17  (11)
There must be some kind of way out of here, said pepito to luis    12/16/17  (33)
Anyone see Darkest Hour?    12/16/17  (1)
Things that are prole tells AND upper class tells but NOT UMC tells    12/16/17  (161)
Your son throwing Hanford's Hate Room in the trash "I told Santa the HELLROOM"    12/16/17  (1)
If he hates RSF, hes NOWAG; If he doesnt hate RSF, hes well trained NOWAG    12/16/17  (1)
WSJ pens lengthy screen re rootless cosmopolitans    12/16/17  (114)
lack of world building in last jedi is INSANE    12/16/17  (2)
Yo, what is the best website to sublet    12/16/17  (2)
cliffs on latest RSF meltdown?    12/16/17  (19)
rating    12/16/17  (1)
True elite focus more on local city, county government than the middle class doe    12/16/17  (7)
my massage therapist is coming and i'm pretty tipsy!    12/16/17  (5)
$300 Billion in wealth created out of thin air    12/16/17  (5)
Jesus:"...who is without sin, cast the first stone" Pharisee SJW:"Whataboutism!"    12/16/17  (19)
XO LAW FIRM    12/16/17  (9)
Why did the Star Wars writers yada yada the most interesting parts of the story?    12/16/17  (8)
PSA: you are living in a timeline in which Donald Trump becomes POTUS    12/16/17  (8)
US Govt to release FiatCoin    12/16/17  (20)
Do you guys identify with or "inhabit" porn actors when they ban    12/16/17  (14)
*montage of Benzo in physical therapy, re-learning to hit "poast"*    12/16/17  (22)
tried to convince my whole fam to move to are country & capture local biz& govt    12/16/17  (3)
Pinworms crawling out of your ass and into your wife's nose    12/16/17  (1)
your grandfather's ghost, watching you at the keyboard typing "pinworms in my    12/16/17  (1)
Trump sold out populism HTH    12/16/17  (1)
Lmao at RSF's dad keeping his baby boy's profile on firm site so he can LAW LARP    12/16/17  (1)
You do realize that should Trump become POTUS he will likely destroy the earth    12/16/17  (53)
Protip: Pour a shot of vodka over your feces and watch pinworms slam into toilet    12/16/17  (9)
eastern europeans keep a CARP in their bath tubs for 1 week before christmas    12/16/17  (31)
I'm prepared to gamble my entire net worth to escape wagecuckery    12/16/17  (40)
rate this millennial "male":    12/16/17  (4)
I'm scared of what the Jews will do if Donald Trump becomes POTUS    12/16/17  (16)
which shitlib poaster is MOST LIKELY to KILLSELF after TRUMP become POTUS    12/16/17  (4)
nutella: we don't need a weed whacker (husband spinning in circles with 35" cock    12/16/17  (17)
Mercedes NIGGER NAVIGATION directing you to Chrome Rim shops, BLM protest    12/16/17  (5)
TT's dilemma: Trump becomes president, stocks soar, TT now has net worth of $1mm    12/16/17  (6)
when TRUMP becomes president and makes america GREAT AGAIN tommyturdskin will be    12/16/17  (6)
Who said this: Al Gore or xo Ted Kaczynski (unabomber)? no googling    12/16/17  (57)
Lmao imagine if Donald Trump becomes president of the United States?    12/16/17  (10)
"i am bald, i am a fucking pigslut" Peterman final scene, I-sixty eight mile    12/16/17  (3)
luisito    12/16/17  (4)
Protip: bake carp under a coat of mayo and onions for a 180 meal    12/16/17  (3)
ITT I will rate you as wacky aspects/clients of my SHITLAW practice.    12/16/17  (90)
if there's a cap on the market why don't we just unscrew it    12/16/17  (7)
Indians and Persians are incredibly racist towards us Hispanics    12/16/17  (34)
ITT we "stable of alts"-ify our moniker    12/16/17  (4)
This grass bridge in Peru has been rebuilt every year for 500 years    12/16/17  (11)
storytime: halford reading 'three little pigs' to your wide-eyed son    12/16/17  (4)
fucked up how boomers are 'not all there' mentally    12/16/17  (3)
jim cramer: investors have my blessing to get a taste of smuckers (link)    12/16/17  (1)
an old Persian tradition, soft teeth and pomegranate seeds in pinworm milk    12/16/17  (8)
Wife caught me smoking one of those "vapor" cigs. This is really embarrassing    12/16/17  (26)
are modern workplaces really just overflowing with alcohol?    12/16/17  (1)
No borders, no genders    12/16/17  (2)
Oh wow haha I can't wait to have sex with a phone person tonight!    12/16/17  (1)
Wire transfer to Coinbase or to GDAX?    12/16/17  (9)
Your young son begging you to examine his itch: pinworms spill from his sphinctr    12/16/17  (6)

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