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Why I masturbate my profoundly disabled son (NYTimes)    10/20/17  (39)
Need summary of recent lawman8 fiasco.    10/20/17  (32)
we tinychatting or what tonight bros    10/20/17  (30)
*google image search 'white couples'* ho lee fuk    10/20/17  (28)
coldplay fan is the best poaster we've had in quite a long time    10/20/17  (27)
Anyone here popular and well-liked by people? What's your secret?    10/20/17  (23)
don't forget EARL got suckered by coldplay fan's MPM flame and had a hissy fit    10/20/17  (23)
i quit job today. now company is demanding i sign confidentiality agreement    10/20/17  (22)
READY for a BIG Friday night of POASTING?    10/20/17  (21)
What happens to state/local pensions if stocks ever go down?    10/20/17  (18)
We're in an actual IRL dark age    10/20/17  (18)
Female Israeli soldier takes on 50 ultra-orthodox faggots like Jackie Chan    10/20/17  (17)
"Why I Refuse to Masturbate My Profoundly Disabled Husband" (spaceporn's wife)    10/20/17  (17)
paintings by people with schizophrenia    10/20/17  (17)
So MPM final is evan39 vs coldplayfan?    10/20/17  (17)
In Blade Runner 2049 what was the significance of Gosling's furnace memory    10/20/17  (16)
"hey babe, why are you taking notes?" said evan's wife at the local kroger    10/20/17  (16)
What are ur favorite programming books    10/20/17  (16)
cr to hate ur job, coworkers, & have no friends?    10/20/17  (15)
9.7m yr old teeth found in Europe challenge Out of Africa theory of human origin    10/20/17  (15)
How are all you poors preparing for America being DONE HERE    10/20/17  (14)
NPR: Gorsuch may not be as tough and smart as Kagan (link)    10/20/17  (14)
Met cool RUSSIAN chick earlier (evan39)    10/20/17  (13)
Daily Caller: Parents throw gender declaration parties for teenage kids    10/20/17  (13)
Spoke with a Hiring manager today. Was told they would never hire a programmer    10/20/17  (13)
Why I masturbate my perfectly able-bodied daughter (NYTimes op-ed)    10/20/17  (13)
So wait, coldplay fan, are you gonna run the MPM still    10/20/17  (13)
klinefelter syndrome | filipino wife | adopted azn kid | shitlaw    10/20/17  (13)
Clearly, the problem with Richard Spencer is that he is not radical enough.    10/20/17  (12)
Do you like a huge pussy bulge in bikini bottoms    10/20/17  (12)
chilmata screaming "Hi yah!" as he karate chops maggot-covered ikea table    10/20/17  (11)
starting to think things are fucked    10/20/17  (11)
plz remember: Richard Spencer calls his system 'White Zionism'    10/20/17  (11)
i want to shed all the bad/unhelpful mental groves and develop new 180 ones    10/20/17  (11)
Kurt Angle is wrestling in a PPV match this Sunday. Not flame    10/20/17  (11)
Jeff Bezos is the coolest person on the planet (video)    10/20/17  (10)
Father and son recreate bath time photo    10/20/17  (10)
kid & wife whisper to eachother & make throat slashing gestures to me (spaceporn    10/20/17  (10)
lol at twins' catty butthurt whining re: xo liking coldplay fan more than him    10/20/17  (10)
"So then you logged in as 'fucklibs420' and said, 'Assfaggot is 180' ?"    10/20/17  (10)
Origins and Development of a Feminist (pic) (DTP)    10/20/17  (10)
askav is 180 but this MPM saga showed clearly that he is on the spectrum    10/20/17  (9)
In your experience, which maxims/proverbs/aphorisms etc. are true?    10/20/17  (9)
You guys don't take this place seriously enough.    10/20/17  (9)
"My calculations were correct," said engineer8 as he watched Challenger explode    10/20/17  (9)
Remember when peterman was gonna learn coding, then get MBA, then JD    10/20/17  (9)
rate this girl dancing in a montgomery ward in 1986    10/20/17  (8)
Who is more prestigious Cellino or Barnes?    10/20/17  (8)
chases xanax/oxy w/ tequila, injects tutu, lights cig, new thread "im a chad btw    10/20/17  (8)
Is "Dune" an overrated novel?    10/20/17  (8)