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Honestly glad JCM is back    03/23/18  (59)
Mexicans are kicking blacks out of Los Angeles    03/23/18  (49)
yet another babe teacher, unobtainable to xo poasters, bangs teen boy    03/23/18  (49)
Very few threads about weightlifting in this forum    03/23/18  (47)
at least the crypto slack discussion exposed you all as greedy fucks    03/23/18  (46)
jcm bored and sipping bitch beer. taking and giving?s    03/23/18  (44)
why is India such a shithole?    03/23/18  (38)
NYT op-ed by Harvard prof argues for human biodiversity    03/23/18  (38)
How are people *THIS* mad about not being let on a super secret text chain    03/23/18  (37)
Reminder: if you're not a girl's CHAD, you shouldnt CONSIDER dating her (DTP)    03/23/18  (36)
Luis, have you tried exercises to fix your back pain? (DTP)    03/23/18  (32)
luis is a retarded black nigger from africa who lost $500k of "house money"    03/23/18  (29)
Possible to train yourself to be attracted to trannies by watching tranny porn?    03/23/18  (28)
Just fucked a fat chick BROS. Holy shit it was so 180. I'm alpha as shit.    03/23/18  (26)
damn daddy here, taking questions on these games: Civ, Harvest Moon, Zelda LttP    03/23/18  (26)
J Dilla appreciation thread    03/23/18  (25)
Michael Bennett INDICTED for injuring 66yo disabled man    03/23/18  (23)
which of you faggots wanted a gaming discord invite?    03/23/18  (22)
twins, come itt pls (jcm)    03/23/18  (20)
Tell me about moving to Hawaii    03/23/18  (20)
why is there so much incest porn?    03/23/18  (20)
Bump this thread if you smack your wife's ass EVERY time she walks by    03/23/18  (19)
got two more business lined up and ready to open    03/23/18  (18)
Some poasters don't even know that threads can be hidden from specific people    03/23/18  (18)
$1M seemed like a lot of money until I had kids.    03/23/18  (18)
best nationality for a wife?    03/23/18  (16)
American family from Iowa found dead in Mexico    03/23/18  (15)
Who Has Slept Overnight In Airports?    03/23/18  (15)
RATE today's IRL txt chain convo re. XO TED (PIC)    03/23/18  (15)
sorry donny, i cant have sex with you, my back    03/23/18  (15)
do most girls fantasize about sex with horses?    03/23/18  (14)
How to stop surviving and start LIVING?    03/23/18  (14)
can't say too much but i have trustworthy intel lawman8 fucked a noted fempoaste    03/23/18  (14)
Wilbur Mercer taking questions    03/23/18  (14)
NCAA Hockey Tournament has started...    03/23/18  (13)
LJL @ checked bag cucks getting herded like cattle to the kiosk    03/23/18  (13)
Can anyone explain this race realism thing to me? What is it?    03/23/18  (12)
teen girls (18+) have no problem fucking men in their 30s even 50s& 60s    03/23/18  (12)
worth buying an amazon firestick or firetv to put Kodi on?    03/23/18  (12)
Rate my exciting Friday night plans    03/23/18  (12)
Real talk: crypto died on xo bc exeunt didn't wanna share with you beggars anymo    03/23/18  (12)
LJL Anyone who marries a NASTY Modern American Woman is literally insane    03/23/18  (12)
today is really the first time i've been disappointed in Trump    03/23/18  (11)
Trannies make women in homeless shelters feel uncomfortable    03/23/18  (11)
Libs can shame & shutdown race/genetics research in US but what abt China/Japan?    03/23/18  (10)
ITT: POAST your single favorite POASTER in the entire world    03/23/18  (10)
C++ mastermen get ITT: Recommend how to improve C++ skills for fall interviews    03/23/18  (10)
Real talk: Most men are not meant to reproduce    03/23/18  (10)
Black guy here: what did my people do to piss you off today??    03/23/18  (10)
Anyone else switching to xoxohth from autoadmit?    03/23/18  (10)